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Zoo parking fee put off by equipment delay

The Calgary Zoo was set to become the latest in a series of parking lots picking at parker’s pockets. Equipment delays have since given a one-month reprieve to users.

“We are waiting for the gate and ticketing equipment to arrive and it hasn’t yet,” said Laurie Herron, manager of communications for the zoo.

Herron said they hope to have all the equipment in place by Aug. 1 to start charging the $5.

When implemented anyone who parks at the zoo lots, including the 500 spots set aside for LRT users, will be charged. Zoo members receive free parking after 8:45 a.m. The reason for the fee is to share the maintenance costs on the lots said Herron.

“It was coming out of zoo operating funds and not being shared by those using the lots.” The zoo has paid for all upkeep in the last 20 years.

Construction to update the north parking is also happening. Improvements include better lighting, security cameras and pedestrian walkways. An additional 500 stalls will be added.

Herron said construction will continue in phases and be completed in late fall.

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