After hosting a star-studded opening event for the Bulger biopic "Black Mass" in September, the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline again rolledl out the red carpet Wendesday night for "Spotlight," another Boston-centric flick about the Boston Globe's investigative team.

Mark Ruffalo and other stars were posing for pictures under a tent to block the rain Wednesday night.

Also scheduled to be there, according to a spokeswoman: director and co-writer Tom McCarthy, co-writer Josh Singer and cast member Brian d’Arcy James. 

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The film follows the team of reporters who more than a decade ago uncovered the Boston clergy child sex abuse scandal that reverberated around the world. The newspaper's Pulitzer Prize-winning stories in 2002 chronicled decades-long cover-ups of abuse of children in the Catholic Church.

McCarthy, who directed and co-wrote the film, said the Church still hasn't done enough to address the scandal. 

"I still believe in the Catholic Church, I believe in the good they can do but they are an institution that has to sort of take responsibility for the crimes they’ve committed against their parishioners and their constituency and own it — and they are not yet," McCarthy told Reuters in September.

Ruffalo, too, has called for reforms.

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"Many people left the Catholic faith because of a lot of this and it suffered but I feel like maybe now we can have a discussion with the Pope that’s in...and maybe it could start doing some reparations to the credibility of an institution that has meant a lot to people over the centuries," he said, also to Reuters. "I think it’s essential, it must be done."

The movie was set to hit theaters in November.