The outdated payment system at MBTA parking lots, the ‘Honor Box’ will be thrown out and replaced with a payment method that transit officials hope will be more effective and convenient for commuters.

The new method, called PayByPhone, kicks off on July 6, letting users pay for parking daily from any phone or Internet device. This new payment structure will apply to all parking facilities that previously used the Honor Box payment system, the T said.

Approximately 75 percent of MBTA costumers who park in ‘honor box’ parking lots are already using the PayByPhone method due to it being easier than the old-fashioned, cash-only boxes.

In addition to the PayByPhone method, users can opt for a monthly parking permit, which is a cheaper option for those commuting daily. Starting this August, Monthly permits will be universally accepted at all MBTA facilities with the same or lower daily parking fee, making this option even more beneficial.

A third option for MBTA users that don’t want to use the PayByPhone method can opt to have a monthly invoice mailed to the address of their vehicle’s registration. This option however, will cost users fifty cents more than the PayByPhone method.

Parking prices at MBTA lots range from $4 to $7 for PayByPhone, and $4.50 to $7.50 for invoice costumers. Monthly passes range from $70 to $90.