Former NBA center Dikembe Mutombo got the old "The NBA is FIXED!!!" juices flowing for plenty of sports conspiracy theorists Tuesday afternoon as he sent out a tweet that read, "Congrats to @Sixers on grabbing the #1 spot in the #NBADraft. #PHILAfirst"

It's entirely possible that Mutombo got some inside info as the actual draft lottery results are known by a select few prior to the announcement of the order of picks on TV. Mutombo tweeted his message out at 4:26 p.m. Eastern, which is basically four hours ahead of when the masses will know. 

In today's day and age, it's probably a good idea for the NBA to do the lottery live or at least a few minutes prior to the television broadcast. 

Mutombo quickly apologized for the tweet, stating, "Sorry, guys.Got excited about the @sixers odds and got ahead of myself.Still keeping my fingers crossed for tonight."