Boston brethren the Wahlbergers are planning to make an appearance in the Fenway Thursday night for the rollout of the first Wahlburgers, the trio's celebrity-capitalizing burger joint.

The restaurants, the focus of an A&E reality TV series, already have locations in Lynfield and Hingham, as well as Toronto and New York. The new one is on Brookline Avenue and the plan is to open it to the public on Friday. Several more locations are in the works, the Wahlbergs said last year.

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Mark, Donnie and Paul are all expected to be there for the invitation-only event. They are surely watching the skies today, as the threat of more rain looms.

It's been a big couple of weeks for Mark. He hosted the World Meeting of Families during the pope's visit to Philadelphia last weekend.

Catch all the action on a live-stream by signing up on the Wahlburgers website.