The state has released a report into the December case of the runaway Red Line train that gripped the city late last year.

The account of the infamous incident, released on the afternoon of Super Tuesday, finds that the operator of the train, David Vazquez, "violated a number of critical MBTA safety rules, which lead to the unattended train event," according to a cover letter signed by Scott Andrews, from the state Department of Public Utilities' transportation oversight division.

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The report also contains recreations in photos of how Vazquez manipulated his hand controls that morning, tying a microphone cable around it to keep it in the drive position.

He is no longer an MBTA employee.

Included in the analysis are steps the review found the MBTA should take to prevent the runaway train incident from happening again. Suggestions include installing cameras in train cabs, and moving the "emergency bypass" switch from the outside to the inside of trains.