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7 films not to watch with your mom on Mother's Day (or ever)

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    Should be obvious, but do not watch anything with your mom about mother-child ince|Provided

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    Pedro Almodovar’s female-centric melodrama was a watershed moment for the Spanis|Sony Pictures Classics

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    Macaulay Culkin first tried to tarnish his squeaky clean, mugging image — at the|Provided

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    The first adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ trash novel has not one but TWO terrible m|

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    It's got Audrey Hepburn, it's got a romantic Henry Mancini score, it's directed by|Provided

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    Released Mother’s Day weekend 2014, this wild (or PG-rated-wild) ride is not onl|Saeed Adyani

Reposted from last year: Movies are a great uniter, or can be, and they're a favorite way to kill time during a manufactured holiday. But Mother's Day can be a landmine, cinematically-speaking; there are so, so many ways a film choice can turn horrifically awkward. Some (not all!) of the above movies are excellent; just seek them out on another day — or, better yet, seek them out with anyone but your mother.

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