New Yorkers arguably party harder than most on New Year’s, but they sure don’t like having to set up or clean up those parties. 

According to new TaskRabbit data from Dec. 31 and Jan. 1, New Yorkers hired twice the number of cleaners and repairmen as did residents in Los Angeles.

TaskRabbit is a digital marketplace where users can hire freelance repairmen, cleaners and the like to do their everyday chores.

Residents on the Manhattan's Lower East Side booked more tasks than any other New York neighborhood on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Gramercy Park and Murray Hill hired three times as many handymen as cleaners. On the Upper West Side, residents booked hired more cleaners than any other Manhattan neighborhood.

Additionally, New Yorkers nearly tripled L.A.’s personal assistant tasks and doubled those in San Francisco.

Help wanted: A sampling of TaskRabbit requests made by New Yorkers on New Year’s Eve:
“I ordered a bunch of bar tables and chairs for my NYE party tonight but was so stressed planning, I never thought about assembling! My guests are coming in three hours! Need an assembly master ASAP!” 
“Post-NYE party clean. Specifically the kitchen since it’s in pretty bad shape. Sticky floors and confetti everywhere. Need this cleaned before I check out of the Airbnb in four hours!” 
“This is a very random task. We are out of town and want to be sure our kids didn’t throw a New Year’s Eve party at the house. We need someone to go to the house and check. If there is, you need to just call us and tell us. You do not need to enter the home or talk to anyone. We are willing to pay AT LEAST 100 dollars for this task.”
“I need someone to come assemble the coat rack I bought for my New Year’s Party tonight. I have zero tools.”
“I am DJing a party at my hotel tonight and left my headphones at home. Can you please run to Target and grab me the Bose Bluetooth wireless speaker and drop them back to me in the next hour?”  
“My friend is throwing a New Year’s Eve party tonight, and I'd like to order her a cleaner for tomorrow AM.” 
“Hosted a New Year’s get together last night and someone put a hole in the wall of my apartment. Need a handyman ASAP before my roommate gets back!"