Two NYPD officers were injured and two people involved in a robbery were arrested after a crash Friday afternoon in Harlem, reports said. 

The robbery occurred in the Inwood neighborhood, according to ABC7. The victim flagged down one officer while a friend followed the robber's car and called 911. 

Officers in the area located the car and attempted to pull it over when the two vehicles collided on 7th Avenue and 139th Street, ABC7 reported. 

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The front of the police cruiser and the back of the sedan, a gray Acura, were smashed in, according to NBC New York. The Acura crashed into another parked car. 

Witnesses said that they heard a loud crash when the vehicles collided and that police approached the Acura after the crash with their guns drawn. The officers then took the men out of the car and placed them under arrest, NBC New York reported.  

The officers were taken to Harlem Hospital with minor injuries, reports said. The men involved in the robbery were taken into custody at the scene.