A golden doughnut must be the final step in Williamsburg's ongoing campaign to gentrify itself right out of Brooklyn.

The $100 pastry is the creation of chef Björn DelaCruz at Manila Social Club, and also includes Cristal champagne icing and a filling of champagne jelly and purple yam mousse.

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The doughnut, DelaCruz tells First We Feast, was added to the menu " for the new year to celebrate how long we have been going. ...  To me, I think this tastes really amazing."

But does the 24-karat gold leaf add anything but bling? Macleans looked into it back in 2012 — when an NYC food truck launched a $666 Douche Burger, of course — and found that "it has no taste, texture, and adds nothing to a meal." But it doesn't hurt you, either, so if Santa was good to you this year, go nuts.

Stunt foods aside, Manila Social Club seems like a quality spot. The New York Times' Ligaya Mishan   was impressed  by their Filipino-Western fusion food when she stopped by last month, calling a black  sea bass di sh " beautiful to eat, rustic and sumptuous at once." Hopefully, the restaurant won't keep tilting too far toward the latter.