The 2016 presidential debates sure have been more entertaining than usual, between Donald Trump continuing to be taken seriously as a candidate by the Republican party and Bernie Sanders shaking up the presumed Democratic nomination of Hillary Clinton. But the two may never get to match wits in person — officially, anyway. 

James Adomian has been honing his Sanders impression since this summer, appearing on @midnight in September. On Wednesday, Nov. 11, Adomian is going disheveled head-to-head with Anthony Atamanuik's Trump for an improvised debate at The Bell House in Brooklyn. Revel in Trump's unapologetic bluster (could he be any more radical as a caricature? Turns out, yes), and see if Sanders will crack under the weight of trying to take him seriously.

Trump vs. Bernie: The Debate!
Nov. 11, 8 p.m.
The Bell House, 149 Seventh St., Brooklyn 
$20 ($25 at the door)