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#MelaniaFirstLady: Twitter welcomes Mrs. Trump to the White House

Going into Election Day the polls, experts and millions of voters were expecting to have its firstfirst gentleman and not a new first lady come January. But with Trump's presidency also comes a new role for his wife Melania.

The native Slovenia is the second foreign born first lady. A former model, Melania, 46, met her husband at a party in New York in 1998.They married in 2005 and had their only child together, a son Barron, in 2006.

Taking on a rather low profile at times during his campaign, her first big moment came during her RNC speech in July. But that moment was tainted with accusations that she plagiarizedparts of a speech from her now predecessor - Michelle Obama.

After a round of interviews defending a leaked hot mic video where her husband talked about the groping of women, Melania had her last public moment of the campaign in Pennsylvania last week. At a campaign event in the Philadelphia suburbs she spoke of her role as first lady, saying her platform would be anti-bullying— one that some found hypocritical following her husband's actions during the campaign.


After America found out that Melania would be their next first lady, Twitter reacted with the hashtag#MelaniaFirstLady, giving their typical approval and disapproval of this election cycle.

Michelle Obama admirers couldn't believe that Melania would follow the current first lady, while others congratulated her and expressed excitement at seeing what she would wear for the next four years, and some couldn't forget about her revealing photos.

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