Mychal Kendricks, according to Buzzfeed and was catfished by a woman by the (fake) name of Lucia Cole.

Claiming to be a singer (and using old Jessica Simpson tunes), Cole offered Kendricks $16,000 to appear in a music video with her. Kendricks agreed and the two got to chatting.

According to reports, the catfisher told Kendricks of childhood struggles and got the Eagles linebacker, a UC Berkley social working grad, to sympathize.

In a stroke of savvy and smarts, Kendricks maintained a professional relationship as the two chatted and refused to send revealing photos of himself.

From the Buzzfeed report: 

Eventually, Cole was exposed as a fraud, and Kendricks’s friend sent him a link about it. “I was like, I knew something was weird as sin! I fucking called it!” But he was also upset about it. “I was mad. I messaged her and said, ‘This is such a bitchy thing to do. I don’t know who you are on the other line, but you need some help.’” says the catfisher, who also goes by Nahla Rowe and Erica Mendez is still at large. The Buzzfeed report says this particular catfisher is the one who broke up Diddy (Sean Combs) and Cassie last year.