Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced Tuesday that she won't pursue a second term in office, but will continue to serve out the remainder of her term, which ends in January 2017.

"I have two very important people at home," Kane said, referring to her two sons. "That is a full-time job. What I'm doing now is a full-time job."

"Pennsylvania deserves a full-time attorney general," she said.

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During Tuesday's announcement, Kane touted her achievements, talking about fighting child predators, drug crime, gun crime, and scams against senior citizens before saying she had made a difficult "decision" to not puruse the Democratic nomination for attorney general.

"Every single day we fight the drugs and every single day we make sure seniors aren't being cheated out of their life savings," she said.

The Democrat is also facing a slew of controversy and a lengthy legal battle as she continues to serve, which she did not directly refer to during her announcement.

She currently faces criminal charges for leaking confidential grand jury information to the media; has a special prosecutor independently sniffing through all emails sent from her office to detect any pornographic or racist materials; is the defendant in a defamation lawsuit from people who she outed as swapping porn on their state email accounts; and has been called on to resign even by party allies such as Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf.

Kane also in recent weeks narrowly survived a state Senate vote on whether she should be ordered out of office.

While continuing to serve as the state's top attorney without a law license, Kane has claimed she is the victim of a conspiracy by a "good ole boys" club of male Republicans.

Kane's first term saw her spend a good part of her war chest defending herself from accusations without having raised a dime in 2015.