The IRS recently released the business driving mileage rate for the new year which is a whopping 54 cents per mile, or on average $900 per month. 

According to a new report from Runzheimer, the company that provides data on this subject to the IRS, Philadelphia is the second most expensive city for business drivers with an average monthly cost of $929.17.

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Detroit was the most expensive at an average cost of $1,307.75.

“From fuel rates to insurance to taxes, an assortment of variables impact how much it costs to maintain a vehicle — and each is dependent on the driver’s city and state,” Runzheimer explained in a release. “An organization that fails to account for these local factors could be drastically over- or undercompensating their road warrior employees.”

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If you’re a business driver in Philly, perhaps it’s time to bring this information to your employer.

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