An officer assigned to a SWAT unit was shot in the abdomen serving a warrant on a murder suspect in the Northeast section of Philadelphia.

The suspect, identified as Devon Guisherd, was killed. The officer was listed in stable condition at Aria Torresdale Hospital. 

The incident happened  at 6 a.m. at an apartment complex on the 800 block of Riverside Drive. Officers were attempting to arrest a man wanted for the murder of a pregnant woman in September. 

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said the officer -- who he did not identify -- had been shot once before in the line of duty. The officer was wearing a bullet proof vest that provided extra protection around the abdomen. The bullet did not pierce the vest. 

"The officer does have a pretty nasty bruise, but he is recovering,"  Ramsey said. 

"He's assigned to SWAT, they have special protective gear. Had he been a patrol officer, we'd be having a different conversation."

He is a father of two. 

Ramsey said the suspect was wanted on a warrant related to the murder of a pregnant woman last fall, but did not identify the suspect.

Guisherd was wanted for the murder of Megan Doto, who was full-term pregnant when she was killed by a stray bullet while sitting on her porch. 

Doto's baby was delivered by Caesarian section. The baby later died

Doto left behind two other children.