A lot has been written, and contemplated out loud about the Eagles culture: the unwritten laws and bylines that Chip Kelly uses as a code of conduct that determines which players are permitted to compete on his squad.

But on a day-to-day basis, what is it exactly? Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry couldn't say enough about the atmosphere at Eagles minicamp Wednesday.

"You've gotta tip your hat to coach Kelly," Curry said. "One thing about him, he's one of those coaches, he wants his guys to care about the guys. It's like having a guy's night and you wanna bring your wife. No,-- it's a guys night. The program is build off culture. You can see the difference between last year and this year. You see [how] someone [can] make a play, and everyone goes crazy. You have to tip your had to coach, he's been preaching [camaraderie] all along and it's finally coming together"."

Curry seems to be in the perfect system, one that values hard work and allows talented veterans to trickle down their wisdom to new or young players. 

After a career season in 2014, Kelly anticipates a larger role for Curry, even alongside a rich pass rush that includes Connor Barwin, Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox (not to mention their potent linebacking corps).

"I was re-watching last year," Curry, who broke through for nine sacks last season, said. "We had guys like Brandon and Trent Cole and Connor, you watch the way the carry themselves and the way they practice."

"It depends on the situation," Kelly said of the 26-year-old Curry, "but Vinny will play a little bit of outside and a little bit of inside. He can play a little outside linebacker."

Curry is up to over 280 pounds, but says it is not just strength but also speed, mixed with experience that has made him "a little wiser" that will spurt his 2015 season.

For the Marshall alum, a player who has close personal relationships with many in the Eagles defensive ends room, it's an ongoing fulfillment of an NFL dream. One he gets to live alongside his pal Cox, a man he got close with during the 2012 NFL Combine.

The Eagles pass rush certainly disrupted its fair share of quarterbacks last year (second in the NFl with 49 sacks), and it is undoubtedly a position of strength for the team to build on.

"We were excited about that position," the coach said. "I think it was one, if not our strongest position. ... All of those guys have another the year in the system."