A Seattle man who reportedly climbed a tree and stayed there for more than 24 hours, has come down.

Seattle police and emergency workers said they were trying to convince a man to make a safe descent after climbing and perching himself at the top of an 80-foot sequoia tree, KOMO News reported. He has been in the tree since 11 a.m. Tuesday, police said.

The tree is located in the downtown section of Seattle next to a Macy's department store and is approximately seven stories tall. 

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On Tuesday, the unidentified man was seen throwing fruit and pinecones at rescue workers who have been trying to coax him into climbing down. It is unknown why the man climbed the tree.

When police attempted to talk to the man, he became agitated and started cursing and throwing things. They had to block off the surrounding area and traffic was detoured.  

The incident became a trending topic on Twitter with the hashtag #ManInTree. Someone already created a parody Twitter account dedicated to this bizarre moment, and KOMO News even had a 24-hour live stream of the event.