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10 celebrities that prove you can be a zaddy and a daddy

Last week, David Harbour — also known as Jim Hopper, the chain smoking, delightfully dad-bodied resident father figure of “Stranger Things” — settled an ongoing debate in an interview with Mashable. You know, the very important question of whether Sheriff Hopper is a dad or a daddy.

“Look, at the end of the day, my biggest fear in life is that I’m gonna wind up being an actor who plays the dad on a TV show like Full House or Small Wonder or something,” he said. “I’m like the desexualized dad in the show Alf. No, that’s not what I want to play in my life. I’m a man, I’m not gonna wear dad jeans or whatever you call them… so in that way, I’d have to go with daddy.”

But we here at Metro think the question is not dad vs. daddy, but daddy vs. zaddy. We’ve talked before about what makes a zaddy — but perhaps, it is time to explore that minuscule, tenuous divide between zaddy (swag, “it” factor) and daddy (hot, delicious father figure). Here are 10 celebrities that make a close argument for both.

Adam Rodriguez
The “Magic Mike” hunk seamlessly blends daddy and zaddy in a way that is surely setting loins aflame across the globe. Delicious!

Armie Hammer
The “Call Me By Your Name” actor is a literal father, but is also giving us zaddy vibes. Hot damn!

David Harbour
A daddy in the streets, a zaddy in the sheets — and here’s hoping we get some sexy time in the third season. Yeah, baby!

Edgar Ramirez
This one literally leaves us speechless. He’s a daddy, a zaddy, and so much more. Teach us how to ride a bike, or something! 10/10.

Henry Cavill
Cavill as Superman? An unmitigated bore. Cavill as pictured above, rocking that pornstache like nobody’s business? A good argument for zaddy/daddy. Schwing!

John Cho
The world has been sleeping on John Cho, but no more! My dude has zaddy/daddy appeal for days. Warm me up some milk and burp me, why don’t you!

Mark Ruffalo
When he’s not CGI’d to death as The Hulk, Ruffalo is the perfect hybrid of the two most holy things in this world: daddy and zaddy. Yowza!

Michael B. Jordan
Is Michael B. Jordan a zaddy? Yes. Is he a daddy? Also yes. Huzzah!

Ryan Gosling
Oldie but goodie Gosling was once just a boy, a singing, dancing Mouseketeer, prancing around stage. Now, he’s a father, daddy and zaddy — a real life triple threat. Hot tamale!

Sterling K. Brown
The “This Is Us” actor both makes us hot in the downstairs area, and makes us want to be swaddled like a baby. Yikes!

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