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10 Christmas Tree Alternatives for Yuletide Rebels

Christmas trees, who needs ‘em? Whomever you blame for the arbitrary tradition of propping up dead trees in our homes, like the deranged plant version of “Weekend at Bernie’s” — was it the Pagans? Christians? Germans? Vikings? — as adults, there’s really no need to carry on the environmentally destructive pastime. Behold, here are ten Christmas tree alternatives that will get you out of your holiday rut and give you a new reason for the season. 

Christmas cactus 


#christmascactus #blooming

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It’s alive and thrivin’ and it even has Christmas in its name. It’s perfect. 

Oh cactus, my cactus

So low maintenance.

Happy Stickmas!



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The dogs will love this one.

Wall tree 

No room for a tree in your closet of an apartment? Pin some lights and firs onto the wall, and voila! 

Invisible tree

You gotta believe it, to see it.

Booze tree


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The Christmas tree has been drinking. 


Ole St. Willie will love this one. 

Family (photo) tree 

Family is what the holidays are all about, allegedly.


Christmas spirit? I’ll show you Christmas spirit. 

Tropic of Noel 


??? #christmastree #palmtree #alternativechristmastree

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This is just objectively better.

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