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10 free apps to make traveling easier

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Finding the nearest bathroom, calculating currency exchanges and locating your departure gate must have been difficult for travelers of previous generations. But we wouldn’t know, because we’ve got smartphones.

As technology improves our everyday lives, it’s also made traveling more convenient. Here are the top 10 free apps that will make globetrotting just a little bit easier.

SitOrSquat:You know society has made significant strides when the available technology allows travelers to plan out which bathroom to visit when the plane reaches its destination. The app even provides photos of the toilets.

XE Currency:This app converts American dollars into any country’s currency, so you can see which exchange offers the best deal.

Viber:Especially when traveling abroad, roaming charges can add unnecessary bills on top of an already expensive journey. This app allows you to make calls and message friends for free. Just get to a Wi-Fi signal.

SkyScanner:Find a flight on your phone. It’s that simple.

TripAdvisor:And then plan your whole trip on your phone. From hotels to restaurants to activities you can lay out your vacation without putting down your phone.

GateGuru:Plug in the flight number, and you can sit at the bar and have a drink without worrying that your flight will leave without you. Push notifications remind you when boarding time is getting close and let you know if your flight has been delayed. It also updates with any gate changes.

Entrain:Jet lag can ruin a vacation; get acclimated faster with this app, developed by the University of Michigan. Enter your normal sleep schedule, and the app calculates how to adjust it in your destination’s time zone to get the right amount of shut-eye. A time and sanity saver.

Google Maps:Sure, this app is a no-brainer in everyday life. But it is worth mentioning that you don’t need to buy a map when you’re traveling domestically with this handy app. And if you’re only on Wi-Fi, take screenshots and set the photo as your lock-screen wallpaper.

Waze:In real time, drivers share obstacles along your route such as construction, traffic and accidents. Not only will Waze help you navigate uncharted territory, it will help you get there quickly as well.

Yelp:Ever stand on a foreign street corner wondering which restaurant looks like a decent spot to eat? Don’t judge a restaurant by the glow of its fluorescent signs, and get the app that shows fellow travelers’ (and more importantly, locals’) reviews of not just the menu quality but whether you’ll regret your food decisions the next day.

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