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10 reasons to go to the movies

1. Fright Night’

We’d put money on Colin Farrell showing up Robert Pattinson in the hunky vampire department. In “Fright Night,” he plays the smoldering vamp Jerry, who lives next to a high school senior (Anton Yelchin) who vows to take him out.

2.‘Conan the Barbarian’

Comic-book movie season is winding down, but here’s one last treat before we dive into self-serious Oscar-bait autumn: Jason Momoa plays the ancient hero out to avenge his slain father.

3. ‘One Day’

Two friends, 20 years, one day. That’s the simple set up of this adaptation of the modern classic written by David Nichols. Em (Anne Hathaway) and Dex (Jim Sturgess) meet at college and grow together and apart through the ’90s and the aughts.

4. ‘Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D’

Here’s a game: What do Jessica Alba, Jeremy Piven and Joel McHale have in common? This movie. Which one of these doesn’t belong? Jeremy Piven. Because we don’t like him.

5. ‘30 Minutes or Less’

Jesse Eisenberg explores his less-geeky side as a stoner pizza delivery guy who’s forced to rob a bank by trash-talking lowlifes played by Danny McBride and Nick Swardson.

6. ‘The Help’

Emma Stone is en fuego this summer with her third release in two months, this time as a writer who records the lives of African-American domestic servants in the Deep South of 1963.

7. ‘Glee: The 3D Concert Movie’

Put this in the same category as the Jonas Brothers’ 3-D movie and that Bieber movie, and break out the jazz hands!

8. ‘Final Destination 5’

Slowly but surely catching up to the “Saw” franchise, the kids in this movie may cheat death, but they will probably not escape lukewarm critical reviews.

9. ‘The Change-Up’

Body-switching comedies come around, oh, every three years or so, but this one starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds might be one of the first to offer plenty of raunch along the way.

10. ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’

Rather than a remake of the 1960s classic or the 2001 Tim Burton disaster, this “Apes” film shows the origins of a global primate takeover, co-starring James Franco and Freida Pinto.

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