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10 Snapshots of New York Comic Con

Sadly, New York Comic Con 2014 comes to an end today. Whether you missed out entirely or you’re just missing it already, here are 10 drive-by shots of cool things we happened to catch at Comic Con.

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1. We love group cosplay, and these “Doctor Who” fans nailed it.

NYCC Doctor Who Credit: T. Michelle Murphy

2. But, um, they might want to look out for this Dalek, which was menacingly posing for photos with kids — AS PART OF ITS PLAN TO EXTERMINATE!!!

NYCC Dalek Doctor Who Credit: T. Michelle Murphy

3. Here’s another astoundingly realistic cosplayer — oh, wait, no. It’s a wax Hawkeye, a recent addition to Madame Tussauds.

Hawkeye Avengers Madam Tussauds Credit: T. Michelle Murphy

4. For another would-be Hawkeye, hang around the “Walking Dead” booth and look for Daryl. (Buuurn.) (It’s back on tonight you guys!!! TONIGHT!)


5. Have a bit more Avengers fun with this amazing Thor.

Thor Avengers NYCC Credit: T. Michelle Murphy

(Or we can be a little more timely and show you this pitch-perfect female Thor.)

Female Thor Avengers NYCC Credit: Nikki Murphy

6. Male Thor was spotted hanging out in front of the Marvel stage, where we learned Thursday about the upcoming Marvel Experience tour (replica pictured).

Marvel Experience Tour NYCC Credit: Nikki Murphy

(Later that night, we also heard about the Secret Wars series getting a reboot. How exciting! The Marvel stage transformed overnight to let the world know all about it by Friday.)

Marvel Secret Wars NYCC Credit: T. Michelle Murphy

7. Ironically, Steven Vaughan’s ARTROD 001 — the first in a possible line of painted hot rods — is right around the corner, depicting an anti-war message.

Steven Vaughan ARTROD NYCC Credit: T. Michelle Murphy

8. There was a major traffic jam by the orc display for “The Hobbit.”

New York Comic Con Credit: Eva Kis

(You definitely deserve a close-up of this guy, crafted by Weta Workshop. Plus, the massive dragon head behind him? Smaug? HE BLINKS.)

The Hobbit Orc NYCC Credit: T. Michelle Murphy

9. Elsewhere, people lined up for photos with the LEGO Bionicle mask. (The toy line is getting a reboot in January 2015.)

LEGO Bionicle NYCC Credit: T. Michelle Murphy

10. But we’d be remiss to leave out our favorite yellow guy: Bumblebee, from the Transformers. A cosplayer in an 8-foot-tall, fully functioning outfit was hired to promote the Chevrolet car display.

Bumblebee Transformers NYCC Credit: T. Michelle Murphy

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