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10 Thanksgiving pies that are just plain delicious, no matter how you slice it

Having a feast without Thanksgiving pies is like, well, having a holiday feast without the turkey.

And while turkey offers only two options for eaters, white and dark meat (and, c’mon, we all know which one is better), Thanksgiving pies offer almost endless delicious options for indulging. That’s why we tracked down eleven that sound simply divine. There are some classics in our collection, but also a couple out-of-the-box options that might make you rethink your yearly dessert spread.

Every Thanksgiving pie recipe you find in this collection screams cozy comfort that you want in those cooler fall months — you won’t find any strawberries in this list — but we’ve added some seasonal flavors that get pushed out of the spotlight by pumpkin and pecan. (That doesn’t mean you won’t find those fall favorites, though. We’ve included pumpkin pie recipes and pecan pie recipes that take the classic flavor combos and add a new spin so you find something new to love about them.)

Thanksgiving Pies Apple

But what we might love most about these Thanksgiving pies is that they highlight some of the season’s best flavors that we all too often ignore. Think sweet, syrupy maple, subtly spicy gingersnap and zingy cranberries. And, of course, we’ve thrown in the Southern classic sweet potato pie for good measure. If you’re hosting guests, you can be sure they’ll walk away from the dinner table with something to talk about.

And while we know you have well-worn family recipes that are a tradition on your Thanksgiving table, we’ve never met someone who would say no to an additional dessert option. So pick one of the easier ones you’ve never tried and throw it in the oven. If you end up with one too many pies, well, we’ll take the leftovers if you don’t want them.

Click through the slides above to see all the mouthwatering Thanksgiving pies.

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