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12 Pumpkin pie bars so good they’ll disappear before dinner

Pumpkin pie bars are like those t-shirts with a tuxedo front pattern: They have the same elements as their more formal counterpart, but they’re way less work and, let’s face it, way more fun.

Pumpkin pie is great, one of our favorite Thanksgiving pies even. But sometimes we want those delicious fall flavors without all the fuss. Not every dessert needs a fork if you ask us, and these pumpkin pie bars are the perfect solution. You’ll find the same great lusciousness, the warming spices, the buttery crust. But you’ll also spend far less time in the kitchen prepping and baking them — and you’ll get more servings per batch, which is always a bonus.

But just because they’re a little dressed down doesn’t mean they’re not also party-ready. If you’ve been tapped as the holiday host this year, whip up a couple pans of one of two of these pumpkin pie bars. They feed a holiday hoard handily, with leftovers to spare. (And don’t try for one second to convince us that dessert leftovers aren’t welcome in your home.)

There’s something for everyone in this collection, too. Maybe you think pumpkin pie is just short of perfect because it needs a crunchy element. Well, we have you covered with pumpkin pie crunch bars. Perhaps you like pumpkin, you’re a loyal chocolate fan when it comes down to it. Guess what, we have a recipe or two for you. Try out a pan of pumpkin pie magic cookie bars or pumpkin s’mores bars.

The pumpkin s’mores bars might just be our favorite in this fall collection. The marshmallows marry well with the pumpkin, so they’re a little like a dessert version of that sweet potato casserole that’s a holiday classic. But they’re also undoubtedly s’mores, with plenty of chocolate to satisfy your cocoa cravings and just enough pumpkin to make sure you never forget you’re eating a fall favorite. But that’s just us. There are tons of other recipes ready to win your heart.

Click through the gallery above to see all the recipes for pumpkin pie bars.

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