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$2.1M for Métis attending NAIT

The largest student-awards fund in NAIT’s history was announced yesterday, one that will see over $2 million go towards Métis youth education.

The new awards are meant to encourage more Métis youth to pursue education after high school.

“We (Métis) lag behind the general population in the proportion of our people who complete higher education,” said Audrey Poitras, president of the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA), who partnered with NAIT to create the fund. “But we have established an awards program that I believe will greatly benefit our Métis students.”

Pride and emotion swept through the room as the new endowment fund was announced. One emotional Métis NAIT student, Sean Greenwall, said receiving an award was the only way he was able to afford post-secondary education.

“Had it not been for that award, I can say without any hesitation that I would not be here today,” said Greenwall, 27, who is currently enrolled in pre-technology. “This is why I’m so excited for this fund and the opportunities it offers for other young people in the Métis community.”

Any Métis interested in pursuing a post-secondary education at NAIT can apply for these awards immediately. They range from $1,500 to $5,000 and the MNA and NAIT hope to distribute up to $50,000 in awards this year alone.

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