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3 books set in faraway lands coming out this month

We live in one of the best cities in the world, but wanting to escape to somewhere far, far away from high rents and crowded subways is, well, normal. Whether you are looking for extreme adventure like Cambodia, inspiring stories of people who have left everything behind to do something bold abroad, or want to read about somewhere quite dangerous you have no plan to ever experience yourself, we have you covered.

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“Guapa” by Saleem Haddad (out now)

This gripping story follows Rasa, a young gay man living in the Middle East. It’s challenging enough coming to terms with his sexuality, but living in a place with extreme political and religious turmoil with little acceptance of who he is makes it exponentially harder. After his grandmother catches him in bed with his lover, Rasa leaves home and begins an odyssey, and the colorful cast of characters he meets along the way help him discover even more about himself.

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“Cambodia Noir” by Nick Seeley (out March 15)

This thriller has it all: sex, drugs and mystery. Will is an American war photographer living in Cambodia, a country where blackmail is a common currency. When a fellow ex-pat, a beautiful, wealthy woman, offers him a large sum of money to find her missing sister, an intern at the “Cambodia Daily,” Will finds himself in the middle of a very dangerous situation. Author Nick Seeley used to work at the “Cambodia Daily,” in real life, and lends his first-hand knowledge of life in Cambodia to his debut work of fiction.

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“Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It” (out March 29)

Even if you weren’t one of the more than 10 million people who bought Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat Pray Love,” you might have caught the 2010 movie starring Julia Roberts. Simply put: It inspired a lot of people. A new anthology, with an introduction by Gilbert herself, documents the ways, small and large, it has transformed a sampling of its readers. One writer quit a lucrative yet unfulfilling job. Another heads to New Zealand on a quest to find the perfect pizza. Like the original, this book will take you around the world, though some made revolutionary changes right at home.

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