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3 Easy spring cleaning tips

The author of books such as Cleaning expert Laura Dellutri’s books include “White Couch With Kids!?” and “Speed Cleaning 101.”
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We’re not quite sure who decided that the dawn of spring meant setting aside a beautiful weekend to wipe down baseboards and dust light fixtures. But as there’s no escaping spring cleaning, or the guilt of not spring cleaning, we consulted an expert this time around. The author of books such as “White Couch With Kids!?” and “Speed Cleaning 101,” Laura Dellutri knows a thing or two about getting down and dirty.

Start here
No idea where to start? Dellutri suggests manning up and tackling the garage. “A lot of people use the garage as the entrance to their home — it’s just the way it is nowadays,” she says. “Get it clean: It’s the gateway to your house and the dirtiest part of your house.” Her de-cluttering rule of thumb? Toss everything (as in, everything) you haven’t used in two years.

Break it down
If you can’t bring yourself to set aside a sunny Saturday, Dellutri suggests dedicating 30 minutes per weekday to spring cleaning. That could mean sparkling baseboards, dust-free furniture, organized kitchen cabinets, crystal-clear windows and a good-enough bathroom before the weekend.

Put little hands to work
Getting your roommate or significant other to help is tricky. But kids? They’re eager to please, respond well to bribes and like gadgets. “Don’t say, ‘I’ll just do it myself.’ You’re already not doing it yourself,” reasons Dellutri. “Train the kids. And make it fun — have songs, plan a kid ‘date-night ‘ for after.” On her list of kid-friendly chores: hosing down the deck (or anything involving the hose), wiping out low kitchen cabinets and dusting railings.

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