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3 money making habits to try now

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There are some simple things you can do in your life to make this year your best yet. Here are my top three tips that are truly easy to pull off.

Tip #1: Wake up early
In major cities nightlife goes on for all hours and even those who stay at home have tons of options to stimulate their brains for hours on end so people are choosing to stay awake later and thus waking up later too. Don’t give into the temptations – by going to bed earlier and rising earlier than your peers you can get much more accomplished than them, trust me I’ve just begun focusing on this and the difference is night and day.

Tip #2: Read and take notes
I find that having a notepad open/next to me – whether physical or on an electronic device – and taking meaningful notes based on what I’m reading, fills me with new ideas and lessons learned that usually benefit my life in some surprising way. When you take notes just for your own benefit, you don’t need to bother with spelling, grammar and punctuation, just jot down ideas and questions you have gathered from your reading. Look at those notes and ponder them later on – your brain will be happy!

Tip #3: Focus on long-term goals
We live in the age of instant gratification and too often our long-term goals are sacrificed, pushed aside or forgotten altogether. By constantly remembering and reminding yourself about your overall goals instead of just making yourself happy for a few hours or days, you will accomplish more over time, which is far more rewarding than any short-term rewards. This is the toughest of my three tips, if you start out each morning by reciting one or two of your long-term goals and what you can do that day to get closer to achieving them, you put yourself on the best path to increasing your odds of long-term success and self-fulfillment.

Things I Liked:

1.The U.S. dollar is hitting multi-year highs against the Euro; Europe just became a lot cheaper to visit!

2.The NFL playoffs are very exciting this year

3.Tesla & SpaceX CEO Elon Musk just announced yet another project, The Space Internet…cool!

My charity DVD study guide ‘How To Make Millions’ has now raised over $200,000 for charity in just a few weeks!

Several large brokerage firms were wiped out by the surprise Swiss removal of support for the euro; c’mon guys why are you using so much leverage and risking disaster?

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