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3 new books to read this Labor Day weekend

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If you’re lucky, you have an extra day off this Labor Day weekend and if you love books, chances are you want to spend it in the sunshine with a good book. The three we highlight here are very different from each other but all worth the read.

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“Date-onomics” by Jon Birger
If you’re a woman, single and can’t figure out why someone as awesome as you doesn’t have a boyfriend, “Date-onomics”will explain why — backed by scientific facts. Journalist Jon Birger shows that dating is a numbers game, and the odds are stacked up against women. There literally just aren’t enough men to go around. His book digs deep, exploring how the numbers stack in terms of religion and also various college campuses. He also includes a few tips on what to do about it, such as what type of bars to hang out in and what cities have the most favorable ratios.

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“A Little In Love” by Susan Fletcher
Les Miserables fans, this is the book you’ve been waiting for. “A Little In Love” tells the story from Eponine’s point of view. From growing up with Cosette thinking they might have been best friends if things were just a little bit different, to an unrequited love, her story takes center stage this time. The themes of friendship, romance and liberty run deep — and bonus, it’s way faster to read than Victor Hugo’s tome.

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“Born On The Bayou” by Blaine Lourd
If you’re looking for a memoir to devour this weekend, financial investor Blaine Lourd’s is a mesmerizing read. Lourd grew up in the deep south and his father made good money in the oil industry. That is until the price of oil dropped and the family was left struggling. Lourd suddenly had to carve a new path for his life since going into the family business was no longer an option. Despite the odds, he came one of the most successful financial leaders in the country. But nothing is that easy, as “Born On the Bayou” shows.

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