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3 of the hottest summer swimwear trends

With Memorial Day officially behind us, swim season is now in full effect—and with the new season comes fresh trends in swimwear. Looking to liven up your bathing suit collection? Check out the looks that swim experts say will continue trending hard all summer long.

Athletic girls can rejoice—sporty two-pieces are seriously in.
“Athletic as an overall trend has been really strong for us,” says Rose Jannuzzi, SVP of Operations for SwimSpot. “And it’s great because a lot of these pieces can actually be used in an active manner.”
In other words, designers are keeping things like water sports and beach volleyball in mind. As a result, multi-use swimwear that can be worn both in the gym and by the pool has established itself as a strong trend for summer. This translates to longer bikini tops, more supportive structures, and embellishments like zippers.
Hurley is one brand that nails the look while still keeping it feminine.
Forget plunging necklines; one of the most popular looks in swimwear right now is the high halter top. “It’s definitely one of our stronger sellers,” says Jannuzzi, adding that the overall look creates the illusion of a larger chest.
Jeannette Roger, co-owner of the Nic del Mar boutique in South Florida, says that popular swim brands like Mikoh, Beach Riot/Stone Cold Fox, and Acacia are all putting their own spins on the trend.
“It’s great for the girl who wants to be a little bit sporty and a little bit trendy at the same time,” says Roger. “Women from 15 to 50 all want to wear those particular brands.”
We’ve seen quite a few overly sexy one-piece cutouts over the last couple of swim seasons. This year, it’s all about refining the look to create a more delicate feel. The final result is a swimsuit that leaves a little more to the imagination. According to Jannuzzi, cutouts that are more elegant than revealing are in high demand.
Roger adds that designer Mara Hoffman does the look right. “Her cutout one-pieces flatter most women, especially her lattice mallet one-piece, which has adjustable straps to fit most any body type,” she says.
All in all, expect to see bathing suits that are feminine and subtly sexy (as opposed to in-your-face revealing). As far as materials go, the idea comes to life in the lacey, delicate silhouettes that are also uber-popular this season.

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