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3 Other awful finals

1 Super Bowl XXXV: Blowout in Tampa

There were plenty of crummy Super Bowls to pick from, but the Ravens’ 34-7 shellacking of the Giants in 2001 stands out.


Two names:?Trent Dilfer and Kerry Collins, the starting quarterbacks. That’s fine in Week 4 of the preseason. That’s not fine in the biggest game of the year.

Not shockingly, the teams didn’t produce much on the field. The Ravens took a 17-0 lead, and even a kick return TD by Ron Dixon in the third couldn’t spark the Giants.

By then, most fans had tuned out.

2 2010 World Series: We want East Coast!

This couldn’t have turned out a whole lot worse for Major League Baseball. The Yankees and Phillies made the LCS, and each managed to lose.

Instead of East Coast bias, we got boredom out west.

The Giants blew out the other team nobody cared about in Games 1 and 2. Game 3 was a two-run Rangers victory, but they’d taken a 4-0 lead, and simply hung on. San Francisco dominated Game 4.

The only game really worth watching was the decider. We’re guessing you skipped it, too.

3 2005 Orange Bowl: It never happened

Maybe it’s for the best that, thanks to Reggie Bush, USC’s 55-19 win over Oklahoma in what served as the 2004 BCS title game never actually happened.

How could a game hyped like this one — Heisman winners on both sides, Bush vs. Adrian Peterson — turn so bad? Oklahoma took a 7-0 lead in the early going, but four straight Trojans touchdowns basically ended it by the middle of the second quarter.

The second half of this clash of unbeaten titans was a sleepwalk.

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