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3 questions with rising music star Bryce Vine

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Bryce Vine is ready for the spotlight. The Berklee College of Music alum has been taking over the charts with is breakout hit “Drew Barrymore” and is poised for a big 2019. Not only has Vine been hitting the road for a nearly sold-out tour, but he’s also preparing to drop another single, plus working on a new album. We caught up with Vine to chat about his musical inspirations, what’s next and more.

Where do you draw inspiration from when crafting your songs? What makes your music unique?

Growing up, music was always a source of self-therapy. It made you feel better listening to songs that evoked a certain feeling and excitement, even when they talked about real things. I have that passion already, and I want to make more of those songs. As years went on, I heard less and less of them, so I just started talking about things on my own that were happening to me to put it in writing. They say a part of self-therapy is writing things down, so that’s really what it was at first. I hoped that people also felt the same way that I did, just want to live a good life, figure out their issues, be good to people and help make the world a little better. 

“Drew Barrymore” has been a breakout hit for you. Have you had a chance to meet or talk with the actual actress yet?

Nope. Naw, nothing. I thought at least maybe like a tweet. She’s a famous actress, there’s no reason she has to care about my song. But I thought since I used her as an example of what I think a lot of guys are looking for in a woman, it’s complimenting. I thought I’d get a little credit, especially these days. So a little disappointed, but she didn’t sue me so it could be worse.

Besides touring, what else are you excited about for 2019?

The tour is almost fully sold out. I never in my wildest dreams would’ve thought we’d get there. It just seemed like something that was always going to be far off. Now it’s here and now it’s happening. I’m putting together the last couple songs on the album before I head out on tour so that’s going to be ready. Pretty soon we’re putting out the next single, that’ll be in February it looks like, featuring a rapper who I’ve been a fan of for a while. Just a cool person to have on a song. We just keep the ship moving.

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