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3 Reasons to watch Super Bowl XLV

1 A Steelers win would be the absolute pits

Is there anybody this side of Michael Vick less deserving of winning the Super Bowl than Ben Roethlisberger?

You could make a case for the guy belonging behind bars, and now he’s in position to win his third title? What happened to karma? Oh, and James Harrison and Hines Ward are two of the dirtiest players in the league.

Not to mention the fact that if the Steelers win, they’d be competing with the Patriots’ dynasty over the last decade.

2 Celebrate the Packers’ smarts

Good for Packers GM Ted Thompson for ending the Brett Favre saga in Green Bay years ago.
Faced with a decision he knew he’d get bashed for, Thompson said goodbye to Favre and hello to Aaron Rodgers — and it’s paid off. Rodgers, despite having to follow up Favre’s legendary career with the Packers, is now a star in this league, while Favre is probably still struggling to decide if he can limp through another year.

A Super Bowl appearance alone will make Green Bay all but forget about the Text Machine. But a win could catapult Rodgers to the top of the QB rankings.

3 Time to get over it, New England fans

If you can get past the fact the Patriots beat both the teams heading to the Super Bowl, you might actually enjoy the game.

The Packers have a high-powered offense with a stud QB and many weapons. The Steelers have one of the best defenses in the league and a passer who knows how to get it done in big games (and college bars).

If you’re looking for a hometown angle, BC’s BJ Raji is a mainstay of the Packers defensive line. And if all else fails, stick around for some entertaining commercials.

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