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3 resolutions for a happier home


Every year, we declare our intention on January 1: We’re going to be, in so many words, better. Whether that means a little change or a major overhaul, this is the designated time to do some life maintenance and make a few overdue upgrades. How does that look when applied to your home? Not all that much different. Here are three expert-recommended resolutions to apply to your abode in 2016.

Look great for less

An extreme makeover is tempting for the new year, yes — but it’s also expensive. Before you whip out that holiday-heavy credit card and redo your living room, consider some cheaper alternatives, suggests Denise Sabia, the designer and blogger behind ThePaintedHome.com. “My home resolution is to update and freshen up my old sofa with new pillows and throws,” she says. For more tips, catch her DIY workshops January 15-17 at the Philly Home and Garden Show (Phillyhomeandgarden.com).

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Discover a new passion

A good resolution results in an improvement. A great resolution brings about a new habit. So while a shiny new kitchen is a worthy goal, it’s messing up that kitchen that will really transform your home. “Rather than trying to make a resolution, per se, I focus on crafting and perfecting one thing each year,” says Gwen Hefner of TheMakerista.com. “Last year, it was hospitality, and this year, it’s food. We’re gutting our kitchen in the new year, and I’m hoping the renovation will help me find a passion for cooking!”

Focus on what’s important

Just like you only have so much time in a day, your basement only has so many square feet. Free yourself up and get rid of what’s not important before another year piles on. “I already have a lot of goals in place for 2016, but my most attainable and tangible is to purge and organize my home,” says designer and lifestyle blogger Marian Parsons of Missmustardseed.com. “I am yearning to simplify and get rid of the things we don’t use, need or love, and organize the things we decide to keep.”

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