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3 Rules for banking in the stock market

Stock market

Many people want to “beat the market” and that means simply making a little more money than other people do, especially considering most traders lose money and most investors fail to beat the major market indices. But I’m not satisfied with “just making a little money” or teaching you to be mediocre like that, I got rich using the rules below and now I also have created several millionaire students in just a few years!

Rule #1: Dream big and work hard

It sounds crazy, impossible or even fraudulent to say I have taken a few thousand dollars and turned it into several million dollars within a few years, but I show every single trade, audits and tax records publicly to convince even most ardent doubters. I want you to believe and I want you to study so hard that you will actually make it happen. I live to create more millionaires and am always on the lookout for dedicated students who are willing to work harder than they ever thought possible to achieve their goals.

Rule #2: Lose battles to win wars

I know you want to get rich quickly, and while I initially did and now my top students have, we all had to lose along the way to help us understand it’s crucial to cut losses quickly sometimes in order to stay on the proper path to getting rich. The key to our success is not having a 100 percent winning percentage or anything even close, my top students and I just win 60-75 percent of the time, but it’s so important that when we’re wrong we admit it and lose little battles to win the overall war. Too many traders and investors go down with the ship on their investments and they take those large losses very personally, crushing their confidence and accounts in one fell swoop. I never want to be in that position so I cut losses quickly so no one stock trade or investment ever has the ability to risk disaster for me.

Rule #3: Prepare endlessly

There are trading and investment opportunities every minute of every day, but sadly most people are unprepared to take full advantage of them. Do you know how to short sell stocks and is your brokerage account setup in a way that you actually can? Remember most small companies fail and surprisingly even in bull markets, most stocks drop in price. Or are you an optimist and are you ready to ride the latest hot stock all the way up? Know your personality and understand how to tell the difference between good and bad companies.

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