3 sales apps to help you on Cyber Monday – Metro US

3 sales apps to help you on Cyber Monday

Most stores keep their Cyber Monday deals close to the chest, not revealing them till they’ve gotten you out of the house for the Black Friday weekend. But why not wait and do it all from your PJs on your phone or tablet? Here are three apps that will best serve your holiday buying:

TGI Cyber Monday
This app has one job to do, and though it ain’t pretty, it’s comprehensive. You can search multiple items at the same time and save your favorites for later, after you’ve had the chance to soberly weigh your options.

Trust the app with the cute icon of the nerd at the top. Not only does it know how to round up some Cyber Monday deals, but you can let it hog space on your phone’s hard drive long after the day passes; it’s a year-round deal-hunter. On top of that it alerts you to price drops, and on top of that, has a scan function, allowing you to compare prices you see in a store with deals elsewhere. The future!

Purple and bare-bones, this one is all about coupons, with one of the largest collections in the webosphere. Also a year-round app that’s perfect for CM, it’s about personalizing the experience, getting up in your business about how you want to blow your money.