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3 Things you’ll see in Game 3

1. A whole lot of eyes on the refs

Everybody is going to be watching the referees tonight — and not just because television ratings for this year’s Finals have been through the roof compared to last year.

Much has been made of stars’ Game 2 foul trouble. Kevin Garnett picked up five personals for the C’s, while Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom and Kobe Bryant netted five each for L.A. Ron Artest fouled out.

The calls on Bryant most impacted the game, limiting the Lakers stud to 34 minutes. “I wasn’t happy with those foul calls,”Phil Jackson said.


2. A Celtics team with its playoff mojo back

Boston’s 103-94 victory on Sunday night was hardly a thing of beauty, but it was absolutely important.

A loss would have all but killed the C’s hopes for banner No. 18. Instead, they’re riding high in a series tied at 1.

The flat Boston team that came out for Game 1 last week would have folded up the tent when the Lakers made their big second-half run. Instead, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo put the squad on their backs and carried it to a huge victory.

Right now, the momentum is wearing green.


3. 3 A Boston big man with an awful lot to prove

Maybe Pau Gasol is right, and Kevin Garnett has indeed lost a step.

Boston’s Big Ticket has been a non-factor so far in the Finals. He shot 7-for-16 from the field in Game 1, totaling 16 points and four rebounds in 34:47. Game 2 was even more mediocre:?2-for-5, six points, four rebounds, 23:43 of playing time.

Those numbers aren’t what you would have gotten from Garnett a few years ago. Physically, he’ll never be that guy again. But he’s still plenty prideful. Is that enough?

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