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3 way cool lullaby apps and albums that won’t drive you nuts

Yenny Eng and Annette, 5 months.
Miles Dixon, Metro

Parents have been luring babies to sleep using lullabies since the beginning of time (well, probably), and a study performed by Great Ormond Street Hospital in England found that they actually have the power to ease physical pain. Thirty-seven kids under the age of three, all with heart or respitory problems, were split into three groups. Group One was read to, Group Two was sung lullibies to and Group Three was left alone. Researchers found Group Two experienced a significant decrease in heart rate and pain level.

And more good news: there are some new apps and albums with not-at-all cheesy night ‘tunes that will do wonders for your baby without driving you crazy. Get all the details here:

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For iOS and Android, $.99 a month or $4.99 for RockabyBoo Premium

Rockaby Boo is the first app that actually personalizes lullabies with your child’s name, drawing from its database of over 1,400 names for each gender. And if you’re child’s name isn’t in the database, you can send an email through the website and it will be added in the next recording session. New content is added regularly. Also, the lullabies are sung by Britist singer-songwriter Beulah to ensure your child will get the celeb treatment.

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2. Rockaby Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Rihanna
$12.99, Amazon.com

Go ahead and twerk in the other room to “Work,” while your little one drifts off to sleep with soft remixes of Ri’s biggest hits such as “Umbrella,” “Stay” and “SOS.” The new renditions are toned down with the help of wood blocks, bells and xylophones.

3. Baby Snooze
$2.99, iOS

This app replicates what it sounds like in the womb by playing a calming, steady heartbeat and some soft whooshing noises. A little weird? Yes. But what’s safer than a mother’s womb?

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