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5 alarm clocks to wake up to (instead of your phone)

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It’s your iPod, your camera and your alarm: These days, everything you need is on your mobile phone. Sure, it’s convenient to have it all in one place, but it also makes it difficult to ever fully get off the grid. When it comes to getting a good night’s snooze, studies have shown that exposure to the blue light of the screen can suppress melatonin and alter circadian rhythms, negatively affecting the sleep cycle. Why not get the device off your nightstand, even out of your bedroom entirely? Sub in one of these stylish alarm clocks instead, so you can have a restful, (mostly) tech-free night and still make it to work on time the next morning. 

London Retro Alarm Clock, Uncommon Goods, $30 

Wow, remember telling time on an actual face clock? Wake up old-school style with this retro twin bell alarm clock in schoolhouse red. When it sounds off, it’s loud enough to rouse you. Requires one AA battery. 


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Slab Beech Click Clock, Gingko, $75

Prop this smart wooden timepiece on your nightstand and sleep without any pesky digital light to disturb you. When you need to know the time — or the date or temperature — snap your fingers or tap your nightstand and subtle green LED lights will display the digits. You won’t see them again until the alarm goes off in the morning. Comes with a rechargeable battery.  


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Philips Wake Up Light, Amazon, $79.99 

This light therapy lamp will help ease you out of bed with nature sounds (or FM radio) and changing colors to simulate the sunrise. Pre-bed, try the sunset feature, which will dim the lights little by little as you fall asleep.  

Clocky Run Away Alarm Clock, Nanda, $39.99

If you want to get a literal running start to your day, try this Shark Tank sensation. If you snooze, this alarm clock on wheels will leap off your nightstand and run away beeping, forcing you to get out of bed to silence it. Available in flashy hues, from chrome to gold to raspberry, it also brightens up your home decor. 


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Moonbeam Alarm Clock, L.L. Bean, $59.95

This retro timepiece, which hails from 1952, now has a modern upgrade: a USB port and LED lighting, which flashes in tandem with its beeping alarm. Color options comes in muted pastels: anchor gray, vanilla, bluegrass, bay blue and pale green. 

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