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5 apps that exploit the iPhone 6 Plus

Paper Camera

The iPhone 6 Plus is now four months old, which should have been enough time for app-makers to get around to cater to its size. (And it is, if you haven’t noticed, disarmingly, bothersomely large — so big you likely can’t use it with one hand.) And yet there hasn’t yet been a massive influx of Plus-exploiting programs — just some have definitely realized there’s more real estate with which to work. Here are a handful that at least somewhat justify the expense you made:

‘Paper Camera’
The extra space really comes in handy with this whimsical camera app — the one that transforms regular photos into rough crayon drawings. Everything, from the images to the controls, are now on one, non-cluttered screen.

‘Open Table’
A handful of old apps, including CNN and American Airlines, have gone super-sized, taking advantage of a screen large enough to yield two side-by-side sections. The most elegant of these is this restaurant app, which, when you hold the phone sideways, brings up a map, allowing you to select restaurants by clicking on thumbnails, not just a visually dull list of names.

‘Sky Guide’
Cruising the skies with an annotated space guide is now a lot easier and prettier with this Plus-sized app, which allows you to scan your surroundings for all the stars and constellations that surround us. If you want an elegant way to reinforce your cosmic insignificance you can’t do prettier.

Unless it’s your job you’re probably not going to need this extra-large version of the built-in calculator, which now includes, when you turn it sideways, some heavy math. But hey, if someone suddenly needs the cosine of a number you can be the surprise savior.

‘Goat Simulator’
And then there’s this: the popular game in which you control a belligerent, jumping, head-ramming, licking goat is now roomier, making it easier to dive off of slides onto trampolines and run full-speed into a man proposing to his beloved.

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