5 minutes with: John Landry - Metro US

5 minutes with: John Landry

John Landry is a Canadian country music artist who will be attending this year’s Canadian County Music Association awards in Edmonton.

What inspired you to earn your wings as an Air Force helicopter pilot with the Canadian military?

Since I was a kid that’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I actually never wanted to be a singer. But when I was 21 and tried to become a pilot the program was closed … then one thing led to another and I became a flight medic for eight years … then the recording industry happened. I then just happened to talk to one of the recruiters and they opened up a pilot program. I guess you can say I came full circle.

You have accomplished so much in your careers. What can you tell others who look up to you?
I do what feels right and I always try to follow my own path. You go through life not really knowing … when I was 16 there was no way I could tell you what my path was going to take. I guess be flexible and go with whatever life takes you.

How do you balance your life with your music career and now as an Air Force pilot?
I have a great team of people. If I have one skill in life it’s who I surround myself with. The people I work with are phenomenal. They know me and they know what I like and what I don’t. The team I put together is able to keep everything flowing.

Your new CD Changing Man. Can you tell me about it?
The album is called Changing Man for a reason. There’s a time for change. You struggle everyday to change things and if you don’t like something about yourself then you’re the only one who can change it. I haven’t seen my family in three months. That’s the real reason I changed my direction from focusing 100 per cent on the music industry. When I got married and had a family I didn’t want that lifestyle anymore.

What now?
After I graduate with my wings I will be performing at the CCMA SongWriters Café in Edmonton on Sept 11. I love cafés because it’s very intimate. I’ll be doing songs from my new album and old album.

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