5 minutes with: Margaret Cho - Metro US

5 minutes with: Margaret Cho

Comedian, singer and actress Margaret Cho performs Saturday night at the NAC.

You’re coming to Ottawa in January. Do you own winter gear?
Yeah, I do. I mean, not a lot, but I’ll wear it all at the same time.

Have you been to Canada much?
Yes, I’ve done a lot of shows there. I just love it. I just feel like it’s good for me. It’s a very politically progressive country.

You’re licensed to perform gay weddings back in California.
Yes, actually all over. I now have one of those online universal ministry cards, or whatever, so I can perform weddings everywhere. But I am officially a marriage commissioner in San Francisco, so I can perform weddings in city hall.

Are there any special touches to a Margaret Cho wedding?
Not really. It’s generally something I really enjoy. It’s still rare because we don’t have gay marriage in all states. It’s a really wonderful thing to do. It’s a real honour and a real celebration of our rights when we get to do it, so it’s a powerful experience.

What are you going to do Saturday? What’s in the show? Is it rude?
Oh, probably rude, yes. There’ll be a few songs in there. I have an album that just got nominated for a Grammy called Cho Dependant, so I’ll do a couple of songs from the album. It’s a lot of fun stuff. I’ll talk about my experience on Dancing With The Stars, which really took up a lot of time the last few months, so that’s funny and fun.

Was there ever a joke you made that you wish you hadn’t?
Oh, I’m sure there are but I just can’t remember. I mean, you make so many jokes at people’s expense and then you kind of forget. Especially as I get older I remember absolutely nothing about anything, so I’m sure that I have regrets, but I don’t know what they are.

What’s coming up for you this year?
I’ll go to the Grammys and then go back to work on my show, Drop Dead Diva, which is in its third season now. So I’ll work on that and then I’ll go to Australia, New Zealand and England for the last part of this tour. Then I’ll be writing my new show and writing my new album, which is all about race. It’s called the Yellow Album.

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