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5 minutes with: Tara Slone

Tara Slone is the new co-host of Citytv’s Breakfast Television. She is also the former lead singer of the band Joydrop and was a contestant on the reality TV show Rock Star: INXS.

You’ve had a career as a musician and sort of made your way into TV. How did you make that transition?
It was really after I did the show Rock Star (INXS) that a lot of television opportunities started to come my way. At the beginning, I was doing little guest interview spots for shows like eTalk and Entertainment Tonight Canada and it just kind of grew from there. It was a pretty natural next step for me.

What’s it been like going from a late-night rock star to an early-morning TV host?
It’s actually been pretty gradual because I went from night-owl musician to a TV host with a day job … then I had a baby, so she typically gets up at 6 or 6:30, and now she sleeps longer than I do, that’s for sure. Now I get up at 3:30, so it hasn’t been an abrupt 360, but definitely the BT hours are pretty serious.

Of all the different career paths you’ve explored, what’s been your favourite experience?
I don’t know. It’s all been so different, it’s hard to say. I’ve had amazing, magical moments with everything that I’ve done. Like when I was in Joydrop and you play a show where the audience is singing along. Those are moments that you just, you know, will never forget. In television, you do those interviews where you have a real, genuine connection with somebody. Those are moments that you also never forget, so it’s really hard to say. I’ve been lucky enough to have a rather eclectic career; I’ve just been so fortunate, it’s hard to say what my favourite moment is.

Who is the grumpiest morning person at Breakfast Television?
Because I have to do hair and makeup, I’m here a good half hour to 45 minutes before Andy (Andrew Schultz) so I’m probably the most grumpy one. Andy is consistently upbeat.

Do you see yourself staying in Calgary for the foreseeable future?
For sure, this job is a keeper. As long as Calgary will have me, I’ll stay!

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