5 minutes with: Tim St. Pierre - Metro US

5 minutes with: Tim St. Pierre

Tim St. Pierre is a linebacker with the Edmonton Eskimos.

How many times have you participated in an event like Monday Morning Magic at Capital Ex?
This is my second time. I did this last year as well.

Can you tell me a little bit about this event?
It’s been going on for about 33 years and my coach is really big on this event. It’s his favourite event and he did it when he was a player and it’s something that the whole team looks forward to all year.

What make this event so special?
We definitely do a lot of events every year, but with this one the park is shut down for the kids and it’s just them and us. I think just seeing the look on the kids’ faces every year makes us want to come back and have fun with them.

Why do you think it’s important the Eskimos come out to these events?
We’re in the public eye and we’re a community-owned team. The community has been supportive of us for all these years and they’re always there, so this is a chance for us to be there for them and give back. The biggest part is being a part of the community.

Do you think you’ll do this in the years to come?
Oh, I’m sure we will. It’s something that’s just engrained in the team. Every year the guys talk about it, and when you’ve been doing something for so long it just becomes engrained.

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