5 most likely landing spots for Cowboys QB Tony Romo (Broncos, Texans) – Metro US

5 most likely landing spots for Cowboys QB Tony Romo (Broncos, Texans)

5 most likely landing spots for Cowboys QB Tony Romo (Broncos, Texans)
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The Cowboys need cap space and don’t need a starting quarterback. Tony Romo doesn’t want to be a back up and will probably not take a paycut to do so.

So the oft-injured but talented 36-year-old quarterback will be somewhere else next September. Whether the Cowboys trade him to get draft pick compensation or simply cut him, there is no reasonable scenario where they keep both him and emerging superstar Dak Prescott on the roster for 2017.

With that being said, here are five landing spots that make sense for Romo:


The Jets went 5-11 in 2016 and went through three quarterbacks — Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith and Bryce Petty — and none of them look like a long term solution. Romo’s presence could life a potent receiving corps and also give Todd Bowls’ above average defense a boost, but the Jets will have a hard sell convincing Romo they cam compete for a playoff spit in the AFC East.


The Broncos completed a rare feat in 2016, missing the playoffs a season after winning the Super Bowl. This is in large part because they didn’t have the veteran presence they needed at quarterback. The Broncos are one of the best non-playoff teams in the NFL and could be a great destination for Romo. John Elway will definitely give Romo the same pitch he gavePeyton Manning when he recruited the star 30-something quarterback a few seasons ago.


Houston is another fantastic defense with no quarterback to speak of. Brock Osweiler’s contract will be a big element of the Texans offseason, but if they can wiggle enough room to take Romo and his $14 million salary it would be a perfect fit. But would Dallas owner Jerry Jones allow his beloved former QB to stay in Texas?


There is no clear No.1 quarterback in Buffalo either, but plenty of appealing pieces to make Romo consider a move up north. Pairing Romo with LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins could turn the Bills offense into a dynamic force.


Though there are certainly other teams that will vie for the services of Romothis offseason the possibility still remains that he calls it a career. He will be 37 when the season begins, he has two kids at home and will be able to get a job at any TV network he wants. The questions is how badly does Romo want to play? This could be the most appealing option.