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5 Things to know about Kelsi Taylor, Dane Cook’s 19-year-old girlfriend

5 things to know about Kelsi Taylor, Dane Cook's girlfriend.

Comedian Dane Cook, 46, opened up about the 27-year age gap separating him and his 19-year-old girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor.

He told fans during a Q&A session on Instagram that when it comes to their age difference, he’s not bothered by it one bit.

A fan reportedly asked, “What advice do you have to those in age gap relationships?” Cook joked, “The only thing you have to do is plan that your deaths will be somewhat far apart.”

Here’s everything we know about Kelsi Taylor, Dane Cook’s girlfriend.

Kelsi Taylor and Dane Cook met at game night

Cook revealed in the recent Q&A session that the couple, who celebrated their one-year anniversary in May, met at a game night he hosted at his house.

As Jezebel points out, details on how their relationship developed are still unclear.

“We were friends for a while & soon after fell in like with each and then upgraded to love,” Cook told fans on Instagram.

The first photo Taylor posted with Cook was from April of last year (she was 18 at the time), presumably right before they became official. She turns 20 this October.

Taylor wrote in her own Instagram Q&A that she met Cook through a mutual friend, and “I’ll be forever super grateful.”

Kelsi Taylor is a singer

Taylor, a vocalist from California, started singing when she was 10. 

She sang backup for Demi Lovato during the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball concert in 2017 and during the November American Music Awards.


“I’m tired, you’re lonely” by @lizaannemusic ?✨

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Taylor’s artist page on Facebook describes her music as “Indie/Alternative/Soul,” but she told a fan on Instagram that she’d categorize it as “singer-songwriter/indie-pop with a touch of folk.”

She just released a four-song EP, Fear of Yourself, on August 9.

“It sounds amazing Kelsi!! Congrats on writing, performing & producing it. So proud to share this,” Cook wrote on Twitter upon its release.

Taylor reportedly took a break from college to focus on her music career, but she intends to finish school one day.

Kelsi Taylor, Dane Cook’s girlfriend, also acts

According to Taylor’s IMDb page, she played roles in short films like Alchemy (2013) and Beach Seasons (2014).

She most recently finished filming American Typecast (2019).

Kelsi Taylor is close with Dane Cook’s sister

Cook reportedly explained during the Q&A that both of their families approve of the relationship.

“I love her family and we are pretty close and do dinner and hang,” Cook said. “My family pretty much all died years ago but @courtneycook my sister like[s] Kelsi a lot.”


aaaaand let the good times roll ⚡️?‍♀️?

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Cook’s sister, Courtney, is a photographer based in New England and has shot Taylor before.

“I love this photo & the girl who took it!” Taylor wrote in a Facebook post showcasing a picture Courtney snapped of her. “Thanks so much to @_courtneycook_ for her amazing photography skills!”

Courtney posted the same photo on Instagram in March, writing, “Talented and beautiful inside & out.”

Kelsi Taylor is not shy about her love for Dane Cook

The pair regularly documents their dinner dates and tropical vacations on social media — like many couples do.

Neither Taylor nor Cook are fazed by people who question their relationship (AKA, their haters).

Cook, an avid commenter on her posts (there’s a hilarious Twitter thread about this), wrote on a photo from June, “I love you more than our haters hate us!!”

Taylor said on Instagram that her favorite thing about Cook is that he always makes her laugh, “but more importantly he has the sweetest, kindest heart and the most creative mind!”

When asked if setting goals while dating someone older is difficult, she said, “We’re both very driven people and have very similar goals. Age has no factor in our relationship. Just love, support, and encouragement!”

A few weeks before his recent Q&A, Cook was questioned about the age gap (because it’s a common inquiry) and told the fan, “At the end of your life you won’t care how old anyone was or is.”