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5 ways to celebrate National Donut Day in Boston

We wouldn't say this about many things, but feel free to embrace your inner Homer Sim
Derek Kouyoumjian

We’re all for eating light and healthy — just not on National Donut Day, the important holiday that occurs this Friday.. Here are our picks:

Kane’s HandcraftedDonuts

90 Oliver St., Boston

The Saugus favorite recently opened a shop downtown, and it’s safe to say it’s been a roaring success. Try anything from a basic honey glazed on up to a Snickers donut. Or, if you’re really hungry, get a donut sandwich, or dowich, to use their lingo. There’s even one that’s basically a lobster roll, because it doesn’t get much more Boston than donuts and lobster.

Union Square Donuts

20 Bow St., Somerville

The little donut shop that could started in a communal kitchen in Union Square, before moving to a shared space with a local cafe, and then finally building its own space. Going by the line snaking out the door and down the block every weekend, the various moves have been successful. If you’re not already following their drool-worthy Instagram and need help picking one out, we suggest the strawberry. No, maple bacon. Or sea salted bourbon caramel. You get the idea.

Twin Donuts

501 Cambridge St., Allston

This Allston institution offers more than just the titular donuts, so if you’re looking for a full breakfast alongside your pastry, you can grab some scrambled eggs while you’re at it. But if you’re just the type of person who’s craving some sugary goodness early in your morning, you can swing by here to get some cheap donuts in all the flavors you love.

Dunkin Donuts

Pretty much every street corner in the city

Sure, they don’t have gourmet flavors like some of these other places. But they’re a Boston institution, as New England as overlooking Tom Brady’s little football scandal, and sometimes you just want an iced coffee that tastes like ice cream and a chocolate glazed. Lucky for you, the chain is getting into the spirit of the holiday, and offering a free donut with the purchase of any beverage.

Bonus not-specifically-a-donut-place

The Sinclair

52 Church St., Cambridge

Sure, their thing is more upscale bar food, but for special occasions, you can get Waffonuts, chef Keenan Langlois’ unholy combination of a waffle and a donut. They’re not generally on the menu, but for a day as important as National Donut Day, he was hardly going to leave them out, was he? They’ll be available as a dessert special on Friday night.

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