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6 tips on playing video poker online vs. in a casino

Video Poker Online Vs Casino

While visiting Las Vegas is exciting, playing video poker from your couch can make for a fun — and maybe even rewarding — evening. Since poker is a game of skill, players can read about strategies and adjust as they gamble online.

Here are some of the key differences and things to look for when you’re playing video poker online versus at the casino.

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1. Work out the kinks – One definite advantage of playing online is that a player can practice and perfect Basic Strategy for free. You can also test out some other versions of the game. Maybe you’ve got Jacks or Better down, but want to try some Deuces Wild. Players can test drive a new game or practice without putting a dime at risk.

2. Favorable machines – Some casinos offer varying payouts for machines like the popular Jacks or Better. A casino may offer a full pay 9/6 machine (a 9 payout on full house and 6 on flush, which offers players the highest payout and best chance to win), while a few feet away may be an inferior 7/5 machine. Players have to look for that max payout, but finding favorable games online is much easier. While 9/6 may not always be an option, better games are easy to find.

Video Poker Tips for Gambling Online3. Low-roller options – Maybe $50 a hand is above your bankroll, or even a quarter is a bit high. Online casinos offer video poker games with stakes as low as a nickel a hand. Those lower stakes also make it easier for a player to max out the bet for those bigger wins on the payout table. With a bit of real money on the line, there’s a chance to win for those with a good understanding of Basic Strategy.

4. Bonus buys – A nice advantage to playing video poker online is the chance at earning a deposit bonus, especially for first-time players. Some sites offer as much as a 100 percent bonus, which will be paid back to a player’s account the more he plays. This can be a nice perk for playing online, but make sure you find the promotional code before depositing.

5. Low house advantage – Like playing at a casino, video poker has a low house advantage online. Players can actually tip the edge in their favor with perfect Basic Strategy depending on the game. Playing online can be more profitable for good players considering you don’t need a hotel room or travel plans. You also don’t have to worry about tipping a cocktail waitress and can play with focus in a much quieter atmosphere.

6. More options – Players heading to their favorite online casinos may also be surprised to find some games they might not find in every casino in Las Vegas. With no casino floor space to worry about, it’s easier to find your favorite game or check out some new ones.

With so many options for players, playing Video Poker can be a rewarding experience. Just know Basic Strategy and know when to walk away — hopefully a winner.

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