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7 products we need from the new Ikea catalogue

While we may not devour magazines like we used to, the Ikea catalog ignites the type of excitement we reserve for, say, a September issue of one of our favorite fashion bibles. The Swedish furniture giant is set to release its 2017 lookbook Aug. 8, in addition to a digital version and new shopping app Aug.15. But we had a sneak peek of the offerings, and we’re in love. Here’s what we are lining up for— see you in the cafeteria for victory meatballs.

Barkaboda countertop

Can’t afford wooden herringbone floors like the kind in your Paris Airbnb? Make up for it with this gorgeous kitchen countertop. We can’t wait for someone to hack a floor with this one. We’re in. ​ $229, cut to size

Elvarli storage system

Every city dweller’s closet nightmare is solved with this stylish custom storage system — create everything from a walk-in to room divider.
$587.50 for three sections with drawers

Gronadal rocking chair

Granny meets design aficionado. Traditional rattan is handwoven directly onto a sleek Scandinavian-design steel frame to make this sweet rocking chair. ​ $249

Sunnersta mini-kitchen

Who exactly this will work for, we don’t know. But it’s going to be an Instagram staah. ​$112; cart $29.99

Varv clamp light

For those of us who can’t be bothered to install sconces but would love to read without overhead lighting. ​$34.99

Vallentuna series

No one has space for a guest room anymore. These comfy modular sections — which act as seating or can be put together for a bed— are so much classier than a blow up mattress. And talk about double duty, they also open up for storage and come in a variety of colors and prints for mix and match fun. ​$1110 for 3 seats

Rord animals

Face it, you’ve lost the battle with their ugly neon plastic toys. But you can at least upgrade one corner of your kid’s room with these chic animal figurines.

​$9.99 for three

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